Meet New Council Member:
Ann Clutterbuck, District C

From March 9th, 2006 Interview

Ann Clutterbuck, newly elected District C Council Member, lists her priority as quality of life, focused particularly on flooding and drainage, clean air, and affordable tax rates. That interest is conveniently reflected in her committee assignments:

• Quality of Life
• Flooding and Drainage
• Environment and Public Health
• Budget and Fiscal Affairs

She sees her role as preserving and enhancing quality of life for neighborhoods. She has a positive outlook on Houston its future and says the major challenge is to find the right balance among competing interests (increased density, infill development, preservation of neighborhood character, and sensitive neighborhood revitalization) and to revise the Codes and Ordinances to reflect that balance.

Clutterbuck’s most active committee assignment is Flooding and Drainage. Her charge it to explore the various funding options—federal, state, local—that could be tapped for drainage and flood control systems. This committee is chaired by Council Member Ada Edwards and last met on May 24. For meeting times, agendas, and minutes