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Citizens' Agenda for Houston's Future.

The Citizens' Agenda for Houston's Future was approved by 1,000 plus delegates at the Blueprint Houston Citizens' Congress on May 31, 2003. The Citizens' Agenda for Houston's Future is a document with the following related parts: Guiding Values, Goals and Actions, and Action Statements.

The Guiding Values represent fundamental beliefs and outcomes that the people participating in the Blueprint Houston Public Meeting process thought should be addressed.

The Goals are broad statements by the public meeting participants of what the city has the potential to accomplish. The actions reflect programs and initiatives suggested by the participants to be considered when making plans to accomplish the goals.

The Statements suggest ways to involve the Mayor, City Council, and prospective candidates seeking election to make the vision a reality. They also ask for a coordinated plan for the City's future and for a continuation of the Blueprint Houston process as a way to sustain continued public involvement.

At the Citizens' Congress, attendees reviewed the Guiding Values and prioritized the Goals. The event was highly interactive with each delegate using an electronic keypad to record his/her opinion. Please see the tabulation of the votes recorded at the congress (in pdf format).

Also, please see Citizens' Agenda for Houston's Future, the Final Report by Gianni Longo, ACP Visioning & Planning.

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