Citizens' Agenda for Houston's Future-Goals and Actions.

At the Citizens' Congress, the delegates reviewed and rated 29 goals for Houston's future in absolute and relative terms.

As mentioned earlier, the wording of the goals was determined by over 600 participants at the public meetings and goal writing workshops. While some of the wording may be considered inconsistent or incompatible, the decision was made to leave to citizens' wording of the goals as is, out of respect for the Blueprint Houston process that was dedicated to including the voices of all communities in Houston.

In the morning, the delegates were asked to rate each goal in terms of importance, on a scale of one to five, with one indicating not important and five very important. A mean rating of importance was calculated for each goal. For example, the goal, public transportation, received a 4.6 rating.

In the afternoon, the delegates were asked to rank the ten goals with the highest mean rating in order of priority from one to ten. For a chart of the top ten most urgent goals, please click here.

The 29 goals and related actions are listed below. Goals 1 - 10 are the top ten most urgent goals as ranked by the delegates. Goals 11 - 29 are listed in alphabetical order. The mean rating of importance for each goal is listed in parenthesis.

Goals 1 - 10 (in order of urgency)

  1. Public Transportation.
  2. Air Quality
  3. Government and Leadership
  4. Infrastructure Provision and Maintenance
  5. Economic Development
  6. Roads and Congestion
  7. Health Care
  8. Flood Management
  9. Steward of Water Resources
  10. A Clean City

Goals 11 - 29 (in alphabetical order)

  1. Alternative Transportation
  2. Appreciating Diversity
  3. Civic Involvement
  4. Community Appearance
  5. Culture
  6. Delivery of Services
  7. Education
  8. Employment and Training
  9. An Equitable City
  10. Growth Management
  11. Housing
  12. Immigration
  13. Law Enforcement
  14. Neighborhoods and Regulations
  15. Preservation, Parks, and Trails
  16. Recreational and Community Facilities
  17. Revitalizing Neighborhoods
  18. Senior Citizens
  19. Urban Cores
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