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Blueprint Houston Newsletter - October 2004

II. Issues and Actions Related to Planning

Call for a Regional Economic Development Strategy Council Report from the Mayorís Economic Development Task Force
The report from the Mayorís Task Force on Economic Development is available at www.ci.houston.tx.us/citygovt/mayor/press/2004/20040929.htm. The Mayor has agreed to immediately pursue several of the reportís recommendations:

  • Appointment of a single point of contact with the city to coordinate development activities who will report directly to the Mayorís Office
  • Establishment of a regional economic development strategy council which will seek an annual consensus on the overall strategy for economic development programs
  • Creation of a ďgrant centerĒ to assist businesses compete for state and federal grants
  • Increased participation in the Immigrant Investment Program

Approved: Capital Improvements Plan for 2005-2009 (CIP)
On September 15th, City Council approved the $ 4.04 billion 2005-2009 CIP. Purchase a copy from the City Secretary (713-247-1840) in City Hall Annex, 901 Bagby or view on line at http://www.ci.houston.tx.us/citygovt/mayor/budget/05cipadopt/.
Super neighborhoods are being encouraged to plan now for what priorities they want included in the 2006-2010 CIP. Formal public hearings will be held in February, 2005. Contact City Planning and Development Department at 713.837.7701 for assistance.

Approved: The Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan (MTFP)
City Council approved the MTFP on September 15th.
(http://www.ci.houston.tx.us/departme/planning/planning_dev_web/dev_regs/MTFP_2004/2004_MTFPA.htm) Updated annually, the MTFP is a map and report that identifies projects for roadways in need of expansion, lengthening or widening and serves as notice of the publicís requirements for development of new roads and land adjacent to identified roads. Public comments are usually solicited in February and March; the Planning Commission usually reviews recommendations from the Planning Department in July and August.

GHP Public Health Task Force Recommendations
The Citizensí Congress ranked health care as # 7 in the top ten priorities for Houstonís future. The report by Greater Houston Partnership Public Health Task Force recognizes health care as an important component of the regionís quality of life and includes suggestions for how to plan for long term improvements to our health care system. http://www.houston.org/regionalIssues/. The reportís recommendations include:

  • Creation of a comprehensive integrated public health delivery system with control over and accountability for the full continuum of services, currently provided through existing 5 public health agencies
  • Development of a community health information network
  • Increase in capacity of the system and new strategic investments

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