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Blueprint Houston Newsletter - March 2004


Planning Studies:
As part of its 2004 program, Blueprint Houston is funding studies by a university consortium to examine the planning process for seven of the top goals of the Citizens' Congress. The process is being coordinated by Dr. Peter Bishop, University of Houston at Clear Lake.

  • Transportation: Dr. Carol Lewis, Texas Southern University
  • Air Quality: Dr. Isabelle Maret, Texas Southern University
  • Governance: Dr. Richard Murray, University of Houston
  • Economic Development, Dr. Qisheng Pan, Texas Southern University
  • Healthcare: Dr. Beatrice Selwyn, University of Texas, School of Public Health
  • Flood Management and Water Supply: Dr. Stephanie Post, Rice University

The San Diego Perspective: Citizen Participation in the Planning Process
On February 18, approximately 75 people came to hear San Diego's Planning Director, Gail Goldberg, and Program Manager, Colleen Clementson, speak about the San Diego General Plan. See the slides used in the presentation.

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