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Blueprint Houston Newsletter - May 2004

Upcoming Activities:

What is the Citizens’ Role in Planning Houston’s Future?
The Nashville Perspective

The Citizens’ Role in Planning Houston's Future: The Nashville Experience

You are invited to hear Rick Bernhardt, Director of Planning discuss the citizens’ role in Nashville's Concept 2010 General Plan, a regularly updated document with a significant role for citizen input. This is the third presentation in a series of speakers to learn about the most effective forms of city participation in the planning process. A final report will summarize the experience of other cities and the lessons of importance to Houston.

You are also invited to attend a small group discussion about the day to day operation of the Nashville Plan following the presentation.

  • Tuesday, June 8th from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • 3015 Richmond, downstairs boardroom
  • 11:30 Light Lunch Provided, 12:00 Presentation
  • RSVP at hsweetnam@blueprinthouston.org or 713-522-0590

Planning Studies Expected Soon.
In the summer, Blueprint Houston in conjunction with a university consortium will soon be completing a report explaining the current planning process for seven of the top ten goals ranked at the Citizens’ Congress and identifying areas for improved coordination and citizen participation. Stay tuned!

1st Youth Citizens’ Congress
Blueprint Houston plans to sponsor a Youth Citizens’ Congress on December 3rd ,2004, with the Superintendent’s Ad Hoc Student Advisory Committee. If interested in helping, please call or email Heidi Sweetnam at 713-522-0590 or hsweetnam@blueprinthouston.org.

Spread the Word
Just what is the planning process in Houston? (A lot of planning does in fact go on!) Volunteers needed for 10 – 15 presentations already scheduled to civic clubs, super neighborhoods and interested organizations. This is a great opportunity to help build community support for a coordinated planning process in Houston. Contact hsweetnam@blueprinthouston.org to help or request a presentation.

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