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Blueprint Houston Newsletter - May 2004


Planning Studies:
As part of its 2004 program, Blueprint Houston is funding studies by a university consortium to examine the planning process for seven of the top goals of the Citizens' Congress. The process is being coordinated by Dr. Peter Bishop, University of Houston at Clear Lake. Draft reports due by June. Information to be shared at a series of fall luncheons, open to the public, with speakers and a panel of respondents.

  • Transportation: Dr. Carol Lewis, Texas Southern University
  • Air Quality: Dr. Isabelle Maret, Texas Southern University
  • Governance: Dr. Richard Murray, University of Houston
  • Economic Development, Dr. Qisheng Pan, Texas Southern University
  • Healthcare: Dr. Beatrice Selwyn, University of Texas, School of Public Health
  • Flood Management and Water Supply: Dr. Stephanie Post, Rice University

Center for Houstonís Future: Scenarios for Houstonís Future
Blueprint Houston and Center for Houstonís Future cosponsored a meeting on April 22nd about future scenarios for Houston: House Divided, House Beautiful & House United. The scenarios, dramatized by storytellers, make it clear that the future is not predetermined. Many things, expected and unexpected, will happen to make our future and some of those things are in our control. If you are interested in a presentation to your organization, please contact. Heidi Sweetnam (713-522-0590).

Blueprint Houston Forum: The 2025 Regional Transportation Plan
Last week Blueprint Houston was pleased to facilitate a public forum on the Draft 2025 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Our goal was to initiate a community discussion about the importance of regional transportation planning for economic growth and quality of life in the City of Houston.

Over 150 people attended the forum that included a panel discussion about the complexity of the mobility issue and an official public hearing in which 35 public speakers presented their comments on the Draft RTP to H-GAC. The Draft RPT has implications for six of the top ten goals adopted at the Blueprint Houston Citizensí Congress and, consequently, carries significant importance for the Cityís future. The 6 goals are: Public Transportation, Air Quality, Economic Development, Roads & Construction, Flood Management, & Health Care.

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