Visioning In Our Own Backyard:
Super Neighborhood #47 – East Little York/Homestead

The East Little York/Homestead Super Neighborhood under the leadership of Jackie Mayhorn, (President of her Super Neighborhood and of the Super Neighborhood Council) has taken the lead in “giving arms and legs” to a larger vision of revitalization and redevelopment in Northeast Houston. Northeast Houston Beyond 2000 was founded in 1993 and encompasses three Super Neighborhoods within its boundaries. This coalition was sponsored by Greater Houston Development, Inc., a CDC headed by Robin German-Curtis, and now includes five other CDCs. More than 70 visioning and planning session have resulted in a broad revitalization plan for the area. German-Curtis points to ten builders and more than 200 additional units of affordable housing as a result of their efforts.

Enter Jackie Mayhorn and Super Neighborhood #47. With Ms. German-Curtis as facilitator, community leaders have held three planning sessions and expect to have three more before the plan is ready for roll out at a town hall meeting in the summer. The objective is a revitalization plan for the areas with a 7-8 mile radius and 20,000. The predominant land use currently is single family housing although about half the area is undeveloped. Much of the developed area is in need of repair or replacement. A needs assessment including housing, job development, recreation, transportation and identification of target population will guide the formation of a redevelopment strategy.

The first focus of the planning sessions is on the economic development corridors. The Department of Planning and Community Development is assisting with mapping, demographic information, and renderings of what these economic development corridors might look like based on the vision. A urban planning class at TSU, under the direction of Professor Lalita Sen, is also lending assistance to the community.

While the visioning/planning sessions began with community leaders, participation from other residents is expanding with each session. An aggressive outreach effort will precede the summer meeting at which the plan will be presented to the community. The decade of experience and the broad vision of Northeast Houston Beyond 2000 and the commitment of East Little York/Homestead have joined together in an effort to realize the vision of a vital and growing community.