Agree with Congress II results? Vote Here!

The Citizens’ Congress II was the most recent Blueprint Houston forum* for the community to express its vision of Houston’s future. The challenge: How can Houston grow at its current rate and protect its quality of life? At Congress II, five hundred Houstonians:

  • First discussed the advantages and disadvantages of 3 scenarios of Houston with 3.5 million more people and
  • Then voted on their policy preferences regarding the five primary building blocks that underlie the 3 scenarios.

What’s your opinion on the questions presented to Citizens’ Congress II? Vote now! Blueprint Houston will present the results of this poll in October to the Planning Commission. Your vote is an important way to voice your opinion about the vision for the General Plan!

* Citizens Congress II follows

  1. Citizens Congress I in 2003 where 1000 Houstonians affirmed 29 goals for Houston’s future and ranked the top ten goals and
  2. Envision Houston Region workshops in 2005 where 800 Houstonians mapped their visions of Houston with 3.2 million more people.)