Citizens Congress II:
Building Blocks for a Vision & General Plan for Houston

During Envision Houston Region workshops in fall 2005, eight hundred Houstonians identified five building blocks for future development patterns that have direct implications for the region’s future quality of life.

  • Flood plains: The geographic areas of the city in the 100 year flood plain
  • Parks: Green space for natural or recreational use
  • Neighborhoods: Areas of the city for housing
  • Town Centers: Mixed use development with higher densities
  • Transportation Corridors: Main avenues for all modes of transportation with mixed use development

The consensus of Envision Houston Region was that future growth should be encouraged in greater densities in mixed use town centers and along transportation corridors in order to protect open space, minimize risks of flooding and promote orderly development in existing neighborhoods.

After hearing a presentation about the building blocks in Houston (see Fact Sheet for Building Blocks), Congress II was asked to vote on how strongly its participants supported principles and implementation policies related to the building blocks. (see Citizens Congress II complete results)