Editor’s Note

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The city is one step closer to an official plan for Houston’s future! Blueprint Houston applauds the City Council’s amendment to the FY 2006-2007 budget directing the Planning Commission to submit within 180 days a scope of work for developing a General Plan!

To plan, by definition, means to set a vision, goals and strategies. Blueprint Houston supports a Houston General Plan to achieve a vision defined in terms of the citizens’ values and goals. To this end, over the past three years, Blueprint Houston has facilitated a series of forums for the public to articulate its preferences for how the city grows.

The consensus of the May Citizens’ Congress II provides valuable citizen input to the Planning Commission for establishing a vision for the Houston General Plan.
Blueprint Houston will advocate for public involvement in development of the vision for the General Plan and for attention to the principles endorsed at Congress II.

You can help keep the ball rolling!

  • add your vote to the Citizens Congress II (click here) and
  • schedule a Blueprint Houston presentation about the implications of different growth patterns for your long term goals for the city. (see below)