Growth Patterns & Quality of Life:
What are the implications?

The Citizens Congress II concurred on several basic building block principles for planning the city’s future. These principles offer a way to link the upcoming General Plan to the citizens values and goals for the kind of city Houstonians want for themselves and their children. Would you like your board or civic association to have a framework for understanding the implications of recommendations in the upcoming General Plan? Blueprint Houston is offering a short and a long presentation of the same information presented at the Citizens Congress II. The concurrence of the Citizens Congress II reflects over 5000 hours of citizens’ deliberation on a comparison of 3 scenarios of Houston’s future developed by H-GAC and citizen input through Envision Houston Region. (see

Schedule an update on Citizens’ Congress II and Planning Commission Activities. Blueprint Houston has a short (20 minute) and long (60 minute) road show to share the information presented at the Citizens Congress II. Scheduling a presentation is the primary means by which Blueprint Houston is increasing civic awareness about the upcoming General Plan for Houston and the importance of a vision based on meaningful citizen involvement. Please help inform the greater community! Contact Ana@blueprinthouston .org to arrange for a presentation