Next Steps:
Planning Commission’s Six Committees

Last spring the Planning Commission established 6 committees to identify growth related issues that need attention. The six committees presented their reports to the full Planning Commission in May. The Planning Commission decided that a number of the issues need further study and immediately established the committees listed below to recommend policies, ordinances , standards and or incentives as needed..

The committees will be comprised of citizens, developers and public officials. They are expected to begin meeting in the near future. They will be working in parallel with two additional initiatives on going under the auspices of the Planning Commission: a process for creating a General Plan and a process for corridor planning with community engagement

Development Impacts Committee (Chair: David Collins
Urban Matters (Chair: Algenita Scott Davis)
Neighborhood Preservation: (Chair: Kay Crooker)
Mobility: (Chair: Shaukut Zakaria)
Town Centers and Corridors ( Chair: Mark Kilkeny)
General Plan (Chair: Jeff Ross)

* Two of the original committees (Suburban and Parking) were dissolved; the Long Range Planning Committee is now the Committee for Town Centers and Corridors)