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Blueprint Houston is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the evolution and implement of Plan as the basis for planning the City’s future. Blueprint Houston serves as a resource and catalyst for better long-term planning for Houston’s future growth and development.

Blueprint Houston is committed to implementing the plan and will continue to work with the mayor, other elected officials and partners to ensure the Plan Houston’s vision is realized. We encourage you to join our efforts.

Plan Houston, the City’s first general plan, was adopted in 2015. It provides the vision and goals for the entire community. In addition it provides 12 Core Strategies and Actions for each strategy that the City needs to undertake to achieve the community’s vision and goals. Now Plan Houston should specifically address how it will take these Actions to the next step of defining specific policies, plans and programs that can be applied on the ground.
A few of the defined Actions in the approved General Plan are as follows:

  • Ensure that long term growth supports the City’s fiscal viability (Spend money wisely)
  • Engage with the community to identify local needs and pursue local goals (Grow Responsibly)
  • Anticipate growth and plan for it, ensuring that infrastructure and services accommodate growth (Grow responsibly)
  • Adopt policies supporting existing and future activity centers that enable a combination of live, work and play options (Grow responsibly)
  • Encourage development of a transportation network that considers all modes of transportation and context sensitive design principles (Grow responsibly and Mobility/Accessibility)

Blueprint Houston will work with Mayor Turner and the Planning and Development Department to encourage action on these and other initiatives.

For more information on Plan Houston see

The Next Million – Where and How will we grow?

Plan Houston was a great first step – creating commons goals and identifying core strategies. But now, it’s time to move past the plan into action.

  1. How will the Houston area handle 1 million more in population?
  2. How will the City grow and develop especially with challenges such as those evidenced by Hurricane Harvey?
  3. How will we develop infrastructure and transportation networks?
  4. How will we support and sustain our neighborhoods?
  5. How will we ensure complete communities across Houston?

Plan Houston calls upon the City of Houston to implement the Plan as the basis for planning the City’s future. It is time to implement the citizens’ vision and goals. Click here to see the Next Million presentation.



Blueprint Houston is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and is eligible to
receive deductible contributions.


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